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A few things that I've gotten excited over on pinterest. Hope ya'll like 'em just like I do!

Sorry my pictures are scattered haven't really got the hang of that yet, ANYWAYS here are a few of my favorite things. :) ( hehe I love that song from the sound of music. :D)

Clipboards: I always need a good idea for Christmas or birthday presents! These are easy to make (so it looks) and great for anyone! Many uses!
Organizer: I am making this before I go back to school! I am going to use it in my dorm room! :D Great for organizing homework or projects! I'll post a How-To after I make it.. OR you can going to pinterest and see how to make it.
Glasses: How cool right? It would be great for a get together. Write all the guests name's on them and either erase when done or let them have it as a party favor! (Also, may do as a gift!)
Binder: If you follow me on Pinterest you can see that this is a life organizer! It shows all the important documents that you receive in your life or ANYTHING really. :) I can't wait to make one for myself. It would be easy, because all of your information would be in one spot. 
Saying: I just love canvases that have sayings on them about life. :) One of the greatest things I find on Pinterest! :D
I Love You: I started doing this for a friend of my and in the middle of it we got into a big fight and are no longer friends (SAD FACE) (I Miss My Friend) I still love this idea and I WILL make it for someone someday! :D

Happy Friday the 13th!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!! :D
- Love Always

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