21st on Friday 13th

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So I haven't talked about my family  much, but I am going to start right now. :)

Tomorrow my big brother turns 21!! We (family members and I) are celebrating tonight at midnight for him, with him!! :D

Dear Adam, Things may get crazy and a little out of hand, but what would life be like without it? We have our differences, but who doesn't? You make everyday just a little bit funnier and dare I say better! I wouldn't want any other brother! There is no other like you, so I couldn't have any other brother!

So, here's to you on your 21st! Have a happy birthday and I love you!
-Lil Sis
P.S. Don't drink too much... I'll be watching. :D

What a cute little tyke! (He was only four here)

Just an everyday Adam.

Me, Adam, Jen
(This is his grad party 3 years ago. I had a cold at the time. SAD FACE)

I understand his birthday isn't until tomorrow, but on your 21st your start at midnight right? Haha! ;)

Please stop over at The Thing about Joy and read my Bloggerview! :D I think I am getting a hang of this blogging thing.... MAYBE.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday! ;)

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