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Well hello there!

The names Natalie. I was born a BC Bulldog and now I am a Ferris State Bulldog. I am uber proud to go to a university that is not in the Big 10. I have a love for cows and most other black and white animals. I have a crazy passion for photography. I will argue with anyone who thinks swimming is not a competitive sport. I am a butterflyer and will always be one, though I fear the animal itself. Nap time is my time. 

I want to tell a story about my life growing up in this world and what it is like going to college. My life is crazy and hectic at a slow pace. I'm a typical young adult with a passion to share my voice with the world. I am no writer, nor an expert at blogging, so not everything is perfect and I like it that way. I am human and as far as I can see nothing is changing that.  

I hope you join me on this journey called life! Follow me on Twitter or Instagram!