50 Questions to Get to Know Your Blogger (4/5)

7:07:00 AM Natalie S 0 Comments

31. Dog or cat?

Dog all the way!

32. Pets growing up?

Bonnie and Clyde - Red Irish Setters
Candy - Golden Retriever
Speedy - Gerbil
Multiple goldfish
Sir Phillip Ralph III - Beta
(Now) Ellie - Golden Retriever

33. Sleep in the nude?


34. Favorite midnight snack?

Cereal or Ice cream

35. Do you exercise?

On occasion. I'm thinking about signing up for a Zumba Class. 

36. Did you ever see your parents making love?

No. Ew. 

37. Peanut butter and what?


38. What is one food you will never give up?

I'm a foodie so this isn't really a question. 

39. What is a food you can live without?

Seafood. Anything seafood.

40. Favorite drink?

vitaminwater XXX, lemonade, tea (iced and hot), and coffee.

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