50 Questions to Get to Know Your Blogger (3/5)

6:55:00 AM Natalie S 0 Comments

21. Favorite thing to do alone?

I'm very much an introvert, so most things I do alone. 

22. Ever had a one night stand?


23. Do you save money?

I do. It's something I've done since I started earning money. 

24. What hobbies to you spend money on?

Photography. Crafting (when I'm in the mood), and Books.

25. If you found a $100 what would you do?

Keep it. Donate it. 

26. Do you want children/more children?

I'm not sure. 

27. Are you a good parent?

I don't have kids. BUT I was an awesome parent to my fish. :P

28. What makes a good parent?

Someone who lets their kids be kids. Someone who represents the kind of person that their child wants to be or should want to be when they grow up. 

29. Are you romantic?

I think it's nice to be romantic, but I don't think it matters as long as you're spending time with the person you love. 

30. Ever loose a pet?

Yes I have lost a pet to death. Multiple, Bonnie and Clyde, Speedy, George, Sir Phillip Ralph III, Candy.

Have I had a pet go missing? I don't think so. 

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