50 Questions to Get to Know Your Blogger (2/5)

6:51:00 AM Natalie S 0 Comments

11. What were your life changing moments?

As always, moving up to the UP, going to Ferris, and other BIG events in my life.

12. First girlfriend/boyfriend?

I don't think it was really a relationship. It was more like best friends.

13. First kiss?

FIRST kiss? Probably like the day or so after I was born. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles. 

14. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?

Well I once told my Kindergarten teacher that I had a little brother, that was pretty dumb. I was rude/a bully to a girl in 4th grade. I feel bad and I regret it.

15. Have you ever been arrested?


16. Political affiliation?

That's neither here nor there.

17. Have you voted for someone you wished you hadn’t?

I don't vote. 

18. Have you used drugs?


19. Do you like to shop?

I like to window shop and then I get sad because I don't have the money to buy.

20. Best way to relax?

Reading. Sleeping. Taking pictures. 

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