30 Day Plank Challenge

6:21:00 PM Natalie S 0 Comments

Well today I am starting my "get healthy" program. I have been feeling BLAH lately and I am going to start doing exercises that I can do in my dorm room! No equipment. As a part of that I am going to go the 30 day plank challenge. As listed above those are the different days and lengths of planks I will do. 

Before each plank I am going to do 50 jumping jacks and running in place for 2 mins. Just to get my heart rate up.  I know this isn't a long workout, but you start somewhere right? 

On a side note completely unrelated. I wanted to tell you all a show that I am addicted to! My friends will attest to this. If you haven't or even if you have seen an episode or two of please I encourage you to watch Parks and Recreation. The show is great. It's funny, but I believe a lot of people will/could relate to the characters. 

Well that's it. BYEEEEE

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