Things I AM good at.

9:33:00 AM Natalie S 0 Comments

Let us reverse the last list.

Things I AM good at.

1. Making people laugh.
If there is one thing I am good at and one thing I love to do is making people laugh. :)

2. Napping.
Oh my word do I love napping! I could nap anywhere and anytime. Example: I slept through a NASCAR Race.

3. Getting organized.
I do love organizing. I just get in a rut and don't stop me because I just may do the whole house. :) No, not really, but I could.

4. Making a fool of myself.
I am number one when it comes to make a fool of myself. Its sucks, but hey that's life. You either learn from it or make that mistake over again. Let me tell you I've done mistakes more than twice. :)

5. Being helpful.
I love giving out a helpful hand. When ever some needs.. well anything I try my hardest to be there for them.

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