I'm not good at...

1:43:00 PM Natalie S 0 Comments

So I am trying this 30 lists thing. I found one online and I would love one day to make a scrapbook. It's not going to be a blog every day thing, just 30 lists.

To start things off... I am not good at

1.  Thinking before I speak. 
Sometimes I think I need to think before I speak, but as I found on Pinterest I like to be surprised as to what comes out of my mouth as the next person. Is this such a bad thing? I think not. :)

2. Keeping an exercise routine.
Don't we all have a hard time??

3. Saving money.
Not to brag or anything I feel as if I am the best one to save money in my family, but sometimes its just so hard! 

4. Going with #2. Exercising in general.
I am very unmotivated to exercise. I just think of other things to do besides exercising. :P

Oh I am sure there are more, but here's my start. :)

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