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So I haven't done this in a while. I have been crazy busy with work and well my life. :) Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you guys though! 

First let me tell you all a very funny story.. well it's funny to me. So I have a board on Pinterest named "From Daughter To Wife To Mommy" and a friend of mine asks me "OH MY GOD Natalie when did you get married and are you pregnant already?" So being my sarcastic self I respond "Shoot did I not invite you to the wedding?" After cracking up and everything I cleared the air with her. No I am not pregnant nor am I married. I don't even have a boyfriend. :S

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Okay everyone here are my favorite things on Pinterest lately. :)

So just a few things:
1. Wrapping paper! It's brown paper bag wrapping paper! Then you just use festive colors and put the first letter of their name to show who its to! I can't wait for Christmas! :D
2. What a cool idea? If the space underneath your stairs in not being taken up and you are always in need of 1/2 bath why not do this? Ahh! DREAM HOME!
3. Haha I love this. :D Period. 
4.I think the Keep Calm and ___ is getting a bit over used, but I love to travel so this is cool. 
5. I love the movie The Help. That is all.
6. I love headbands and these look really easy to make. Something to do when I need a study break! :D
7. Explains my family.. and probably a lot of other families. :D haha.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my favorite things on Pinterest. :D

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Hope everyone is have a good start to their weekend! :D

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