Dear World,

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I have never done a Friday's Letter post but I have decided to do one this week because of school and everything. :)

Dear Sammie,
You are the most amazing friend ever and I thought every thing was going to be different because of you being an RA, but I realized that its all the same. I already love our daily walks to class, thank God we have class at about the same the time. I love you and thanks for everything.

Dear Mom,
I love you and I am sorry for yelling at you, I was stressed and that's how I handled it. Not a good way to handle it, but I did. Sorry.

Dear Ferris,
You are being so bitter sweet right now. Sometimes I don't know how to handle it. You charge me so much for classes and the next thing I am thinking about how awesome the professors are here. For that I thank you.

Dear EU(Entertainment Unlimited),
Let's have an awesome kick off event alright?! I feel it to be an awesome event! :D That's because I am now in your organization! :)

Dear JoJo,
You are an all-around awesome person! Thanks for being an awesome HD!

Dear Blog,
I love the way you look and I have a few changes in the future for scheduling and my posts. :)

Dear World,
Believe In Me.

Have a great day everyone!
"It's okay to cry, it means you care"

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