1st Day Jitters

6:29:00 AM Natalie S 0 Comments

I need to write because right now I have the 1st day jitters. My hands are shaking as I write this! To get those away what do I do? Listen to music and maybe sing into my hairbrush every once in a while. :D 

Whats on the list?

Sunshine and Summertime - Faith Hill
What The Hell - Avril Lavigne
Nothing - The Script
Remind Me - Brad Paisley
Clocks - Coldplay

Just a few but definitely a mix a music. 

What do you all do to calm your jitters?

Today I only have two classes! Thank you college! :D I have English which shouldn't be too bad. It's half in class half online. I have never done one of these but I'm sure it'll be okay. That's my first class and then in the afternoon I have Italian for business and travel! Kind of a fun class, but I had to take something, so why not take something to do with business?

Did you know I am now excepting Sponsors for September? Just hop on over to my sponsor page and check it out! E-mail me if you have any questions! :D

Also did you know that I am involved in TWO giveaway right now?
The Thing About Joy Giveaway <- only 3 days left!!!

Hurry time is almost up on both of them! :D

Have a great Monday everyone!

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