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Lately I have been trying to think of way to create a happier, healthier, stress-free lifestyle. Now obviously you can't have all of those and may be at some point you will not be able to have any. It's worth a shot right?

These past couple of weeks I have been not as happy as I can be to the full extent, just a lot of stress and over thinking things that do not need to be over thought. I had a blow out with my closest friend. On a side note we are good and everything is okay. I'm trying to figure out where my life is going and what I want to do. I realized there are so many things out there to do and I find myself thinking if I am on the right path. Don't get my wrong advertising is so interesting to me and I love the aspects about it, but when I hear about different jobs and careers I am intrigued to to know what those are all about. Is there anything wrong with that?

So what am I doing to create this life you ask?

1. Create Goals
 I am creating goals and setting myself up to achieve those goals. I am in a personal finance class and my professor talks about setting goals for ourselves not just financially, but also in our personal lives. It makes me think a lot about what I want to get done whether they are short-term goals or if they are long-term goals. In a way I have some goals listed here on my blog. Some other goals of mine:
  • Keep track of your finances
  • Own your own house 
  • Graduate College
  • Get married (First I have to find a boyfriend ;) )
2.  Photograph More
I am definitely slipping on my photography. I haven't posted many pictures lately, but that is because when I am at school I normally do not have time to take pictures because I am too busy with school work. I think I am going to find and see if my school has a photography school or see if there is anyone on campus that would like to have pictures taken so I can practice with different lighting and whether I am indoors or outdoors. I just want to get back into the grove of it. 
3. Save Lives
What I mean by that is that people die every day because they don't feel comfortable talking to others about things that bother him. I want to be someone who is a good listener. So I am trying to improve my listening skills. With that I am trying to make those around me happier. Trying to hug more and to smile more. 

And just for fun I look at these and they make me smile.

Do you have any ideas what how else I or anyone for that matter can improve their lives?

I found a really cool blog that I am still exploring as I type this, but I found a really cool post they did a couple of years ago check it out! Let them know I sent you!  The Freedom Experiment

Pictures from my pinterest. Follow Me! :)

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