My Addiction To Pinterest

7:56:00 PM Natalie S 0 Comments

I know I know I haven't posted anything in a while. Blah! I know! I've just been so busy with school. I am so sorry. But staying with me I thank you all for that! :) Here are some things that are up on my pinterest. :) Super excited to show them all with you!

1. three cheap mirrors set up like a dressing room! How cool? I would love one of these.
2. Oh Mean Girls.
3. How cool. The caption on Pinterest says it's like time has stopped. :)
4. I am going to try this. I will have it posted in my dorm room once I get back there (weekend, visiting the family)
5.What a cool idea for friends or family! :)
6. Mmmm Patrick Dempsey.
7.  hand-knitted bracelets.. I would like to try this one day. Maybe with one of my old shirts.
8. What a cool idea for a summer night or even a fall night. Take a truck stuff it with pillows and blankets and then cuddle in and star gaze. 
9. Ahhh he is so delicious looking. :D

What has everyone been up too lately? I hope you all didn't loose faith in me. I am still here. 

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