Ellie. Dear Ellie

9:18:00 AM Natalie S 0 Comments

Ellie is my family's newest member. We got her on the 24th of  August where she was just nine weeks old. The picture below is the her two days after we got her. Such a precious dog. I bought her this tire and rope and well we no longer have that toy.

This picture of her was taken November in 2011. When I came home for a quick weekend. This is probably my favorite picture of her. 

This was in March of this year. Ellie and I went snow shoeing and she loved it! I was out there taking picture and she loved running through the woods playing in the snow.

Ellie (Elliephant as i like to call her) is a little boo boo. My gosh she chews up everything. Digs holes like no other and is also a very loving dog. She is also kind of a whimp. She is afraid of cars, other dogs, and anything that makes a loud noise. I realize that it may be just because she is a puppy, but its kind of funny to watch her run from the vacuum or jump away from a car.

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